From Care to University: Highlighting Swansea’s support for students with a care background

Swansea University will hold a free ‘Lunch and Learn: From Care to University’ session from 1pm until 2pm on Wednesday, October 30, to celebrate and raise awareness of the specific support available for students with a care background.

The event will be held in Room 104 in the University’s Digital Technium and has been organised by the University’s Student Support Services, in conjunction with The South West Wales Reaching Wider Partnership, as part of National Care Leavers’ Week, which runs from October 24-30.

The session aims to highlight the particular challenges facing care leavers as they enter higher education, what Swansea University is doing to support care leavers, and outreach work done with looked after children and care leavers.

Speakers include Andrea Mateo, Head of Student Support Services at Swansea University and Alice Davies, Reaching Wider Partnership Manager Planning and Operations and the event is suitable for those interested in finding out about the University’s work with care leavers and will be of particular interest to staff involved with outreach, and to personal tutors and any other staff involved in supporting students.

Swansea University was one of the first UK institutions to adopt the Buttle UK Quality Mark for Care Leavers in 2007, and has since become a model of best practice to other institutions across the UK wishing to implement the Quality Mark. 

Raymond Ciborowski, Swansea University’s Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, said: “Swansea University is extremely proud of the work done to support students from a care background to aspire to attend University, submit a successful application and achieve their full potential in completing their degree programmes. 

“We were extremely pleased to have received ‘exemplary’ status from Buttle UK when we last renewed our Quality Mark and hope to retain this accolade when we submit our next renewal application later this year.”

Andrea Mateo, Head of Student Support Services and Swansea University’s Buttle UK Quality Mark Champion, added: “We offer a package of support to assist Care Leavers throughout their time with us, from assisting them in applying for a place to help with their graduation costs. We also offer 52 weeks of accommodation in our University residences and assist with these costs through a specific bursary that the University provides.  “We would encourage any Care Leaver student applying to University to make themselves known to staff by ticking the ‘care leaver’ section of the UCAS application form.  This information is only shared with the staff running the Care Leaver Support Programme at their chosen university and will ensure that information on the support available is provided at the earliest opportunity.” 

To book your place at the ‘Lunch and Learn: From Care to University’ session, please email with your details.  If you have any special dietary requirements please make this known when booking.