Physics of Plasmas journal features Swansea scientists’ paper as a research highlight

A research paper by physicists from Swansea University has been featured as a ‘Research Highlight’ in the online international journal Physics of Plasmas.

The paper, "Manipulation of the magnetron orbit of a positron cloud in a Penning trap", is authored by Timothy Mortensen, Adam Deller, Dr Aled Isaac, Dr Dirk van der Werf and Professor Mike Charlton from the University’s Department of Physics, in the College of Science.

In the paper, the Swansea team describe a simple and versatile method to manipulate the amplitude of the magnetron orbit of ions stored in a Penning trap, applied to a cloud of low energy positrons.

By applying a pulsed voltage to a split electrode in the trap, which is normally used for rotating wall compression of the particles, the size of the magnetron orbit can be changed at will.

The method is quite general and should be applicable to any species of charged particle held in a Penning trap, for instance those found in mass spectrometric devices.

Physics of Plasmas is published by the American Institute of Physics with the cooperation of The American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics.

To view the paper visit and see the Research Highlights section.