Researchers ask students to help study

University students at Fresher’s Fairs in Wales will be asked about their sexual behaviour, sexual health and attitudes to sex work in a new online survey as part of a Swansea University research project.

Student sex work survey logo

Students will be asked to take part in the I ♥ Safe Sex Survey in which they will be asked questions about their sexual health, sexual experiences, lifestyle and use of support services as well as their attitudes to and experiences of adult entertainment and sex work.

The survey will provide data for the Student Sex Work Project.  The project, which also provides an online sexual health information and personal safety advice service, will use the survey results to gain an accurate picture of attitudes to and opinions of sex workers and adult entertainment.

‎‎The findings of the survey will be available on the project website, but students will not be identified by name although their words may be used.  Also, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, their data will be kept securely, all personal information will be kept confidential, and they can ask for data to be withdrawn at any time without reason.

Dr Tracey Sagar the lead researcher said, “It is really important that we are able to understand students’ perspectives on issues around sex, sexual health and sex work.  Their views will inform our research and help us to further develop our online sexual health information resource.

The team also has Twitter and Facebook accounts should people wish to get more information via social media, but the team says that confidential information should not be posted on these forums.

To get in touch in confidence please visit

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