Swansea-Siavonga Team Live Below the Line

Students and staff from Discovery at Swansea University held a ‘Live below the Line’ challenge this week.

‌The challenge was to live off £1 a day for five days with the aim of raising further awareness of the unequal global food distribution.


The previous week, Discovery hosted a successful free breakfast event on campus to support the ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign.

The ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign is a national campaign organised and supported by over 100 UK charities including Oxfam, Christian Aid and Unicef and aims to tackle world hunger.

The Swansea-Siavonga Partnership is in its third year and has been set up and organised by Discovery SVS. Students and staff from Discovery will visit Siavonga, south Zambia over the summer to further develop links and relationships across cultures and communities.

The partnership has recently launched a ‘Swansea-Siavonga Scholarship Scheme’ aiming to increase the education rates of children aged over 14, particularly in females as this is seen as key to improving the economic development in the region.

The partnership also aims to improve links between people of the Siavonga region and the Swansea Bay region in a mutually beneficial way.

Christine Watson, Manager at Discovery and Director of Swansea-Siavonga Project said: “Being involved in the Swansea Siavonga Partnership is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop employability skills whilst acquiring memories that will stay with them for a long time. This challenge helped them to understand a little of how life might be for some of the women and children in Siavonga, where food insecurity is a major issue. ”

Picture: Discovery Breakfast Event outside Fulton House