Swansea engineering research on show in House of Commons

Three engineering researchers from Swansea University, who work on subjects like algae, solar energy, and structural dynamics, have been chosen to have their research displayed in the House of Commons to mark National Science and Engineering Week (15-24 March).

The British Science Association runs National Science and Engineering Week, which it describes as the UK’s “widest grassroots celebration of all things science and engineering”.

Miquel Aguirre, originally from Barcelona, is working on an international project with colleagues in Spain, France, Germany and Belgium, looking at fast dynamics software.  He explains:

"The main idea is to build a computer code able to simulate structural dynamics problems.  It should be able to simulate crash, impacts, material fracture or explosions.  It’s applicable to the manufacturing, defence, automotive, civil, energy and aerospace industry."

Michael Gerardo, originally from Portugal, is a PhD student and research assistant.  He is working on a European-funded research consortium project looking at potential uses for microalgae: he says they "can be a source for valuable commodities such as cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals and energy". 

Matt Carnie works on the SPECIFIC project, based in Port Talbot, and specialises in hybrid organic photovoltaics.  He said:

"The poster I’m displaying is a study on dye-sensitized solar cells.  A lot of the work is as a result of collaborative work between Swansea, Bangor Uni and Imperial College London.  It’s a good opportunity to show off the quality of research we’re doing at Swansea".