Swansea University Chair for Major Welsh Poet

Swansea University is pleased to announce that renowned poet Alan Llwyd has been appointed Professor at Academi Hywel Teifi within the College of Arts and Humanities.


A prolific author, he will bring his extensive research experience to the Department of Welsh and will be a valuable member of the University’s Celtic Studies team. ‌

Professor Llwyd will shortly release a comprehensive biography of R. Williams Parry, and will continue with his research in his new post. He has works on other major twentieth century Welsh poets Gwenallt and Waldo Williams in the pipeline and alongside Robert Rhys, Reader in the Department of Welsh, intends to prepare an edition of Waldo’s poems. 

The scholar is well-known because of his numerous publications in the field of poetry and literary criticism. He has also scripted various films and television documentaries. This chair therefore recognises his outstanding contribution to research and creative writing over many decades. In this respect he was also awarded a Doctorate in Literature by the University of Wales.

Professor Llwyd returns to familiar territory as he was once a creative writing tutor in the Department of Welsh and his son, Ioan graduated here. More recently, he was chosen to judge Academi Hywel Teifi’s creative writing competition.

This part time post will reinforce the expertise of those research staff who specialise in creative writing and criticism and will no doubt be a boost for the University as it prepares for the upcoming Research Excellence Framework.

Professor Tudur Hallam, Professor in Welsh and Academi Hywel Teifi’s Research Director said: ‘‘We didn’t have to venture further than Morriston to appoint a scholar any international research institution would be proud of. Suffice to say his contribution to Welsh scholarship has been exceptional. We look forward to working with him.’’

Professor Alan Llwyd concluded: ‘‘This is a great honour and privilege and I look forward to working with Professor Tudur Hallam and the research team. In this role I hope that my contribution in the next few years will be a significant one and that as such i will be an asset to Swansea University and Welsh scholarship in general.’’