Comfortable in My Skin swim event

Skin Care Cymru, Wales National Pool and Swansea University have teamed up to offer a free private swim session to people who might not feel comfortable swimming in public spaces due to their skin conditions.

Comfortable in My Skin swim eventThis event is the start of a campaign called Comfortable in My Skin and is open to all those with skin conditions in Wales and their families.

Dr Julie Peconi of Swansea University’s Medical School said: “People living with skin conditions can sometimes feel excluded from regular activities such as swimming. This event supports people to help feel comfortable in their skin while enjoying swimming as a way of exercising. This event also provides an opportunity for those with similar conditions to meet and share their stories in terms of condition management thereby offering support to each other.”

Anyone interested in going to the event should register their interest by emailing or Julie Peconi

Date: Saturday 7 May 2016

4:30pm: Guests arrive

5pm – 6:30pm: Pools open for lane swimming and family fun
6pm: Buffet and refreshments
7pm: Close