New book explores the Changing Experiences of Migrant Women Ageing in London

A Swansea University academic has published a book that examines the experiences of migrant women ageing in London.

Changing Experiences of Migrant Women

In Family, Citizenship and Islam: The Changing Experiences of Migrant Women Ageing in London, Dr Nilufar Ahmed, a Senior Research Officer at the College of Human and Health Sciences looks at the lives of first generation Bangladeshi migrants to the UK, considering the dynamic relationship between people and place.

In the book, Dr Ahmed sheds new light on a migrant population about which little is known, exploring the experiences of women who left rural homes to live in London, speaking no English, with no experience of local customs and having to adjust to what would now be dramatically shrunken family sizes, within which they would act as bearers of culture and tradition.

Based on research spanning a decade, the book draws on qualitative interviews with over 100 women.

Dr Ahmed said: “My research examines questions of identity, belonging, citizenship and Britishness, religion, ageing, care, and the family. With attention to the fluidity of the experiences of the first generation of migration women, the book offers an alternative to much ethnographic research, which often offers only a 'snapshot' of a particular minority or migrant group as fixed and preserved in time.”