Research documentary drama wins award

A documentary drama based on the findings of a Swansea University research project which examined the experiences of student sex workers, has won a the Best Film for Young People at the Celtic Media Festival 2016.

Student Sex Work project 5

The Fog of Sex documentary drama was three years in production and based on exhaustive research interviews conducted by the Swansea University’s Student Sex Work Project.  The film was made by Visual Influence with Swansea University and University of South Wales and recreated the stories of nine female sex workers who balance a life in Higher Education, with life as a sex worker.

To preserve anonymity the student sex workers were played by actors, all the dialogue however is verbatim, drawn directly from the interview transcripts.

Directed by BAFTA award winning filmmaker Christopher Morris, the film was entirely researched, produced and filmed by film graduates and students.

The film was mostly crewed, acted and researched by students under 25. The nine participating sex workers were all aged 18-25.

The film is aimed squarely at those currently at university but also those leaving school and thinking about going to university.

Dr Tracey Sagar who led the study said: “The film was designed not to stigmatise or judge the actions and decisions of the student sex workers but to shed light on their lives and provide a platform for discussion around this important subject.”