Researchers invited to Low Carbon Energy event

The Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University is hosting an expert symposium on low carbon energy on Thursday 4 February, bringing together experts in the field from across the UK and overseas.

The event, called “Building New Bridges for Low Carbon Energy”, aims to establish new collaborative links between experts in the field of  CO2 capture and utilisation, and advanced biofuels production: chemists,  biologists,  materials  scientists,  engineers  will be among those due to attend.
The subjects to be covered are:
•    Materials and processes for CO2 capture
•    Catalytic CO2 utilisation
•    Biomass conversion
Plenary speakers at the event are Professor Nora de Leeuw - Cardiff University, and Professor Patricia Thornley - University of Manchester

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Solar power research

How you can take part:
If you are interested in presenting your research and contributing to the goals of the symposium, please download this Call for Abstracts template, fill it in and email it to Dr. Enrico Andreoli:  The deadline for submission is 29th January, 2016

Dr Enrico Andreoli, from the Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University, said:
“The aim is to bring together people who are willing to collaborate in low-carbon energy research and innovation.  It will be a chance to hear about the latest research in carbon capture and utilisation, biomass and biofuels.   The overall aim which we are all working towards is low-carbon efficiency.  
We have first-class expert speakers from the UK but also from Rice University in Texas.  
I would urge any researcher in the field who is interested in taking part to get in touch with me by 29 January”.  
The Organising Committee at Swansea University for the event are Dr Enrico Andreoli, Dr Sankar Meenakshisundaram, Dr Gordon Allison, Dr Ewa Nowicka, Dr Alberto Roldan Martinez, and Dr Covadonga Correas
Financial support has been provided by the Welsh Government and Higher Education Funding Council for Wales through the Sêr Cymru National Research Network for Low Carbon, Energy and Environment.