Swansea joins pan-European DARIAH network supporting digital research in the arts and humanities

Swansea University is among the first universities in the UK to be selected to join a pan-European network supporting digital research and the teaching of research methods in the arts and humanities.

‌DARIAH – the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities – which connects hundreds of scholars and dozens of research facilities in currently 18 countries, welcomed Swansea University as a Cooperating Partner during its most recent General Assembly. 

Applications from Glasgow University, King’s College London, and Linnaeus University in Sweden were also accepted.

DARIAH's CEO Mike Mertens said: "DARIAH seeks to provide new and creative ways to engage with us as a community of scholars and as a portfolio of resources for the digitally-enabled arts and humanities. It is therefore hugely important that we are able to welcome new partners of such commitment and calibre."

Steve Williams, Swansea University Librarian, who is responsible for the strategic planning and development of the University Libraries, Archives, Culture and Arts, said: "Working with DARIAH will enable us to develop understanding, solutions, and the infrastructure that will sustain and develop our digital adventure in the Arts and Humanities.”‌‌

In the University’s Centre for Excellence on Digital Humanities (CODAH), researchers from many different disciplines come together to work with a wide range of partners and national projects such as CHERISH-DE – Challenging Human Environments and Research Impact for a Sustainable and Healthy Digital Economy.

Cooperating Partners may access DARIAH resources and significantly have the ability to shape these in working groups, through which Partners can showcase and offer their own expertise within the extensive network of international digital humanities scholars that DARIAH represents.

DARIAH currently has 10 Cooperating Partners. Apart from the four new ones from Sweden and the UK, there are five universities and one research facility in Switzerland.

Visit http://www.dariah.eu/