Swansea students’ selection for FAW UEFA Champions League ‘Cardiff 2017 Internship Programme’

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) has this week announced the induction of three undergraduate students from Welsh universities – including two from Swansea University – onto its UEFA Champions League ‘Cardiff 2017 Internship Programme’.

FAW logoAs part of its commitment to ensuring ‘Cardiff 2017’ achieves a lasting legacy in Wales, and that the positive experiences and learnings from hosting the biggest single sporting event in the world, the FAW has funded two undergraduate internships to universities across Wales.

Over the past few months, all nine universities based in Wales were contacted and offered the opportunity to nominate undergraduates to be part of the FAW funded internship programme, giving two students in Wales the opportunity to be involved in the hosting of 2017’s biggest sporting event.

All universities were asked to advertise the ‘Cardiff 2017 Project Administrator’ internship programme, assess applications and select their preferred five candidates.

The FAW then undertook a rigorous shortlisting process and two rounds of interviews before selecting the successful two candidates for the roles. 

In addition, Swansea University’s School of Management, in recognising the value of participation in the Cardiff 2017 Internship Programme, is funding a third position.

The FAW will welcome Harry Cordey and Alys Pride of Swansea University and Kate Warde of Cardiff Metropolitan University onto the Cardiff 2017 project team.

The success of the FAW’s bid to host the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final and UEFA Women’s Champions League Final was announced at a press conference in Cardiff in June 2015. The staging of major football finals was a key part of the FAW’s strategic plan, while ensuring such events have a lasting positive impact in Wales has always been a key priority.

Alan Hamer, FAW Project Director – UEFA Champions League Final 2017 said: “We were delighted by the response the FAW’s Cardiff 2017 Internship Programme has received from the universities, and their recognition of the value such a programme has to undergraduates in Wales.

“This exemplifies the FAW’s commitment to ensuring legacy opportunities are maximised. I’d like to welcome Harry, Alys and Kate on board.”

Professor Marc Clement, Dean of the School of Management at Swansea University added: “The School of Management is delighted to develop the collaboration with the Football Association of Wales. I’m delighted that, in addition to the internship offered to Alys Pride, we will be sponsoring an additional undergraduate student, Harry Cordey, who will complete a 12 month internship with the FAW starting this summer as part of his studies in Economics and Business.

“This will be a great opportunity for him to gain exposure to this prestigious event and be able to take those skills forward into the future.” 

Chris Bailey, Student Mobility Co-ordinator, School of Management, Swansea University added:  “The School of Management is committed to ensuring the future of our students and these placements will not only offer a fantastic chance for exposure to a prestigious event in the UEFA Champions League Final 2017, but also reinforces the hard work that our Placements and Careers Teams put in to ensure that our students have the best opportunities possible.

“Further, what better way to show how committed the School of Management is to furthering opportunities for our students than by also sponsoring our very own bespoke placement with the Football Association of Wales.” 

The Cardiff 2017 Internship Programme is one of a number of initiatives to be rolled out over the coming 18 months, all designed to maximise opportunities in three key areas, defined by the FAW as its key objectives in ensuring relevancy for Wales; Engage an entire nation; deliver the best event for all, and; ensure a lasting legacy.