Swansea student success awarded prestigious prize

A Swansea University graduate has been awarded a prestigious prize that celebrates high levels of excellence in the science edcation sector.

Natalia Wisniewska

Natalia Wisniewska was awarded a 2015 Graduate Prize at the recent Salters’ Institute Annual Awards Ceremony and was presented with her award by Professor Sir John Holman, Chairman of The Salters’ Institute.

Natalia, who is from Warsaw, Poland first learned she was nominated for the prize while in the final year of a Chemical Engineering degree at Swansea.  Since then Natalia has graduated and was featured as a 2015 Summer Graduation student success story.

While at Swansea, Natalia distinguished herself by being a top student, taking part in an exchange programme for Chemicial Swansea students at Swansea and Texas A&M in the USA, and being an enthusiastic member of the swimming, dance and canoeing societies.

Natalia is the second Swansea University Chemical Engineering student to win the Salters’ Institute Graduate Award, following Daniel Eade who won in 2014.