Swansea University celebrates its outstanding staff

Seven members of Swansea University teaching staff have been recognised during the University’s graduation week (18-23 July), in the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Awards (ELTAs).

Three outstanding members of Swansea University support staff were also recognised with the Excellence in Student Support Awards (ESSAs). 

The awards have been developed in conjunction with the Students’ Union to ensure a greater student voice in the award process with staff nominated by their students for their outstanding teaching abilities. The awards were presented by Swansea University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Richard B Davies. 

Professor Davies said: “While we celebrate the success of our students during graduation week, it is important that we also distinguish the staff that have contributed to that success through these awards. “We are very proud of the quality of our student experience and we find that staff, graduates and parents enjoy the opportunity to recognise the staff that inspire our students both academically and pastorally.”

On Tuesday 19 July during the degree ceremony for the College of Human and Health Sciences, Maria Davies who is the Research and Postgraduate Administrator in the College of Human and Health Sciences was presented with an ESSA award. Students cited her dedication, the high level of support she gives not just to the Research and Postgraduate students as a whole, but to individuals’ welfare too; her calmness and friendly attitude and her willingness and knowledge to give them the help they need.

In the second ceremony for the College of Human and Health Sciences, Dr Vicky Lovett, a lecturer in Psychology in the College of Human and Health Sciences, was awarded the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award.  Students cited her clarity and supportiveness, her passion for her subject and her willingness to help her students develop.

On Wednesday 20 July, during the degree ceremonies for the College of Science, two ELTA awards were presented to Dr Geraint Owen, Associate Professor in Geography/Geology within the College of Science, and the Swansea Academy for Learning and Teaching (SALT) Lead for the College of Science. Students highlighted his passion and enthusiasm for the subject; cited what an engaging lecturer he is, and how he obviously wants his students to achieve their best and the many efforts he makes to ensure that happens. 

Dr Sean Walton received his degree for his teaching within the College of Engineering.  He was nominated for the excellent way he had of presenting the subject with clear explanations; his support and willingness to help at all times; his use of technology in his lectures; and his enthusiasm which inspired and fascinated.

Dr Jude Clancy, lecturer in the College of Engineering received his ELTA award on Thursday 21 July during the ceremony for the College of Engineering.  He was given the award for his knowledge, dedication and wonderful explanations of the subject; the welcome way he structures his content and teaching to ensure it makes sense and how he makes things understandable.  Students commented that he was ‘born to be a teacher.’

David Moody and Gareth Evans, Electronic Engineering Lab Technicians within the College of Engineering were also presented with their joint ESSA award on Thursday 21 July.  They were nominated for the enormous support they offer to students; the depth of their knowledge, their continuous efforts in arranging trips and visits and also the way they managed to ease the transition to the Bay Campus for both students and staff by being consistently helpful in a period of great change.

Michele Raithby, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences within the College of Human and Health Sciences was presented with her ELTA for the support students felt she gives them in their studies, the respect they have for her and the value they place on her feedback. 

Dr Neal Harman, Deputy Head of Department and Associate Professor within the College of Science and Head of Learning and Teaching for the College of Science received his ELTA award for his dedication, for being a highly skilled teacher who inspires and stimulates, for his excellent feedback and for his enthusiasm for his subject.

Nicola Vaughan, Lecturer in Creative Writing within the College of Arts and Humanities was nominated for her clarity, her encouragement and support, her enthusiasm and the opportunity she gives her students to simply talk about the subject and enjoy it.

During the week, Swansea University also presented its Mary Williams Award which recognises individual members of staff for their contribution to the University’s culture and community through supporting the career development of colleagues and/or students with a particular focus on removing barriers that prevent development; promoting and/or providing equal opportunities for all; and supporting the University’s equality agenda to utilise all the University’s talent. The 2016 recipient of the award was Mahaboob Basha, Development Officer within Marketing, Internationalisation & Development who received his award on 22 July during the ceremony for the School of Management.   

For more on Swansea University’s Summer Degree and Award Congregations week (Monday, July 18 to Saturday July 23), including student success stories from the Academic Colleges and details of this year’s Honorary Awards and Distinguished Teaching Awards, visit Swansea University Graduation 2016.