Swansea University hosts important international Seagrass Workshop

From the 16th to 21st October, Swansea University (in partnership with Project Seagrass and Cardiff University) will be hosting the 12th International Seagrass Biology Workshop which is taking place in North Wales at Nant Gwrtheyrn.

The 12th International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW12) will be an agenda-setting meeting for one of world’s most critical ecosystems.

Seagrass meadows

Seagrass meadows are the power houses of the ocean, the prairies of our seas and the neglected ecosystem that supports our fisheries. These globally important ecosystems are under threat.

Attended by roughly 150 of the world’s leading seagrass biologists, the World Seagrass Association's ISBW brings together conservation professionals in order to share new and ground-breaking stories of marine conservation.

ISBW12 will be attended by researchers and policy-makers from China, the USA, Sweden, Indonesia, Australia, The Netherlands, many other countries, and of course the UK.

The list of keynote speakers is impressive, and includes Carlos Duarte, recipient of the Silver Medal Cross of Merit from the Guardia Civil, Spain, for his service to environmental protection, and one of the top 1% of most influential scientists alive according to Thompson Reuters.

As part of this event a consensus statement on the future trajectory for seagrass meadows globally will come from a group of leading seagrass scientists led by Dr Richard Unsworth, Biosciences, Swansea University.