Join the Great British Jellywatch this bank holiday weekend!

In July, Swansea University Fellow and BBC Wildlife Presenter, Lizzie Daly encountered a giant barrel jellyfish during #WildOceanWeek.

Lizzie Daly with giant barrel jellyfish courtesy of Dan AbbottThe photos and a video of Lizzie Daly diving with this gentle giant, taken by underwater cameraman Dan Abbott, inspired people from around the world.

The giant jellyfish encounter raised questions about the jellyfish in our UK waters and this weekend Lizzie, in collaboration with jellyfish expert Dr Nick Fleming from Swansea University and the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), are inviting everyone to join the first Great British Jellywatch Weekend.

Over three days this bank holiday weekend (24 – 26 August), members of the public across the UK are being asked to head for their nearest beach to see how many jellyfish they can spot.

#GBJellywatch is an initiative set up in collaboration with the MCS who conduct a year-round Jellyfish Survey – the largest of its kind in the UK – that helps researchers to monitor trends and understand jellyfish behaviour.

Dr Peter Richardson, Head of Ocean Recovery at MCS said:  "Jellyfish have been swimming in our oceans for over 500 million years - they are great opportunists, reproducing in huge numbers when conditions are right, so they can tell us a lot about the state of our seas. It's great to be teaming up with Lizzie Daly and Swansea University for the Great British Jellywatch weekend and our year-round MCS Jellyfish Survey so we can learn more from these amazing, ancient creatures."

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