Photo-tagging pioneer to host Artificial Intelligence talk at Swansea University

How many of you have clicked a web-link, sent a text from a smartphone or tagged friends in photos from the weekend? These are just some of the essential ways we communicate with computers today. And the man whose work has been vital behind these innovations will be delivering a lecture at Swansea University.

Professor Ben Shneiderman will be discussing Artificial Intelligence and its ‘Human-Centered Future’ at the University’s Bay Campus. The free talk, part of the James Callahan Memorial Lecture Series, describes how human-centered design will empower more people to be more creative more of the time.

The focus of the lecture will be on Artificial intelligence researchers and implementers shifting their focus away from building machines that look like humans. Ultimately, the goal is to restore human control and responsibility for technological systems in ways that enhance, rather than replace, human capabilities.

The lecture takes place at Swansea University’s new £31 million Computational Foundry facility in the Bay Campus, which opened in 2018. Everyone is welcome and all attendees are invited to join for pizza and refreshments following the talk.

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A pioneering computer scientist, Professor Shneiderman is the Founding Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland.

Professor Shneiderman has also written some of the most read books in human computer interaction. In 2002, he wrote the acclaimed “Leonardo’s Laptop” that considered how human needs can be met with new computing technologies.

He has been visiting and encouraging computer scientists at Swansea for many years, especially during the opening of the Computational Foundry.  Together, Ben and the Computational Foundry are planning exciting fresh research directions for breakthrough research discoveries and bold innovations. As Ben often says, “the best is yet to come!”

The talk will be held in Lecture Theatre 002, Computational Foundry, Bay Campus, Swansea University on Monday 29th April 2019 at 5pm. Light refreshments will be served from 4.30pm.

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