Swansea University to pay for public’s input into future interactive technologies

Swansea University is opening its doors for a public input workshop for members of the public to feed back what they think of interactive technologies of the future. The workshop, to be held on 23 February at the University is being run by the Future Interaction Technology Laboratory (FIT Lab) at the University, with participants receiving £50 for their input.

One of the workshop organisers is Dr Yogesh Kumar Meena from the FIT Lab.  He said: “The physical spaces we inhabit, such as our homes, offices, shopping centres and libraries will increasingly have integrated Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices – embedded sensors that are connected to the Internet and that communicate with other devices.

Imagine if we could capture the benefits of this exciting technology while making it sustainable, fun to use and universally accessible? Imagine for example, if the surface of your smartphone could capture energy from indoor light and generate its own power? Imagine if technologies integrated into buildings and everyday objects like books, tables, and even our clothes, enabled us to interact with connected devices using ambient light, physical gestures and shadows? Our team at Swansea is working to develop new forms of physical materials to make these things possible.”

The workshop will take place at Swansea University’s new Computational Foundry at the Bay Campus on Saturday 23 February between 10am and 2.30pm, and invites members of the general public and private sector to explore how advanced future interactive technologies in a digital world fit with our everyday lives.

Dr Meena said: “To help us shape the design of these interactive technologies, we want to ask people: what would these technologies look like to you? What would you like them to do to make your life easier, safer, more efficient and convenient?”

Participants must be a minimum age of 18 and consider themselves non-tech specialists. Participants will be paid £50 for their time, and transport costs can be reimbursed. Lunch and refreshments throughout the day will be provided. Further details will be provided in the participant information pack. 

For full information, and to register your interest, please visit the Eventbrite page.