“Do one legged ducks swim in a circle?” an appreciation of Rhodri Morgan at this year’s Hay Festival

An appreciation of the late Rhodri Morgan, former First Minister of Wales and former Chancellor of Swansea University will be held at this year’s Hay Festival. The event is organised by Swansea University’s public affairs think tank The Morgan Academy.

Rhodri Morgan - Chancellor

Event details:

Time: 12.30pm, 28 May

Location: The Summer House, Hay Festival

Price: Free, drop in - no ticket required,

           light refreshments available

The life and legacy of Rhodri Morgan, the man dubbed the “most popular politician of his generation” will be celebrated in a relaxed conversation between his biographer, and former Special Adviser, Professor Mike Sullivan, Director of Morgan Academy and his older brother, the erudite historian Prys Morgan, Emeritus Professor at Swansea University.

Known as the father of Welsh devolution, he was First Minister of Wales between 2000 and 2009. Morgan's leadership was characterised by a willingness to distance himself from a number of UK Labour Party policies, which he called “Welsh solutions for Welsh problems.”

Professor Mike Sullivan, Director of The Morgan Academy said:“I’m delighted to join with Prys, Rhodri’s brother, to appreciate the wit, the wisdom and the political magic which, at its best, epitomised Rhodri. But was he maverick or mainstreamer, left, right or neither and was he what tends to be called these days, a soft nationalist. Come and join in the conversation.”