Local children given a behind the scenes tour of Swansea University’s College of Engineering

Children from the 1st Swansea Eastside Boys’ Brigade, a local Christian Youth Organisation based in St Thomas, were recently given a behind the scenes tour of Swansea University’s College of Engineering at its Bay Campus.

1st Swasena Eastside Brigade College of Engineering

As part of the University’s civic mission to broaden horizons, inspire and educate children about the University’s work, the 1st Swansea Eastside Boys’ Brigade, some of whom are interested in following a career in engineering, received a guided tour of the College of Engineering’s facilities, and were given an insight into some of the College’s most exciting projects.

In an inspiring and informative tour, the young visitors had the opportunity to try the flight simulator, view the model of the 1,000mph BLOODHOUND SSC, the world's most powerful land vehicle, before learning how the College’s 3D printer can be used to research small or inaccessible materials on a magnified scale.

James Slattery, Community Liaison Officer for the College of Engineering, said:

“This was an initiative from Campus Life at Swansea University to work with our partners to demonstrate the positive impact higher education institutions can have on local communities. 

“It is part of the civic mission of Swansea University to enable young people, like those in the 1st Swansea Eastside Boys Brigade Juniors, to have the broadest possible horizon in terms of their aspirations, education and wellbeing.

“The College of Engineering are undertaking amazing research with a multitude of practical applications and it was a privilege for me to watch these young people being inspired and enthused to see where a career in engineering might take them.”

Reverend Steve Bunting, vicar at St Thomas’ Church said:

“Many of the children in our group have watched the University rise up in the distance over the last few years and this was a great opportunity for them to see close up some of the amazing facilities at the new campus! We are very grateful for our private guided tour and it certainly made our boys and girls think about where they would like to study in the future!”

For more information about the College of Engineering: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/engineering/

For more information on the Boys Brigade visit: https://boys-brigade.org.uk/