Swansea Paramedic Science students win Wild Trials 2018

Three of Swansea University’s Paramedic Science students have been crowned champions at this year’s Wild Trials competition at Ashworth Valley Campsite near Manchester.

wild trials2018

The event, staged over two days challenges teams of four to display their medical skills in the wilderness, including hospital care, emergency medicine, teamwork, expedition and orienteering.

The event also includes a wilderness style workshop where teams are required to build a fire, shelter, make tea and cook food using only basic items and that are found in nearby woods and hedgerows.

Swansea’s victorious team members included, Chloe Brown, Rob Patton, Sam Atkinson. The team’s fourth member was Sam Bunn a third year medical student at Newcastle University.

Following the team’s victory, Rob Patton said: “I was absolutely thrilled to win but shocked at the same time as we were against some tough opposition. The fact that most there were medical students puts a lot of confidence in your ability and the skills a paramedic brings to a pre-hospital environment.

“The event was great fun, very well organised and you meet lots of likeminded people. We learned a lot from students and examiners there as they come from a variety of backgrounds.”

His teammate Chloe Brown said: “There was such a great atmosphere at the events and everyone is incredibly encouraging of each other. We had no idea what to expect, and were simply hoping to meet some great likeminded people, practice our assessment skills and have a fun weekend in the wild. We did just that and came away with a win! We were also told that our Swansea team had won by quite some margin!”