College of Science events

College of Science events

These events are specific to the College of Science. For more generic events, visit our Student Recruitment events page.

Subject Date Event Detail Years Location
Biosciences mid-August 2018 Ecology workshop   12-13 Singleton Campus
Chemistry  12 December 2018

Southwest Wales ‘Top of the Bench’ 

Class and lab contest for teams of 4 made up of 1 student from each of Years 9, 10 and 11 and a 4th student from Year 8 or 9. Winner progresses to the national contest. Prizes are awarded!

Email  or call 01792 513182

8-11  Singleton Campus
  16 January 2019 School Analyst

Teams of 3 Year 12 students perform two practicals and will be assessed on performance, safety and results.  Winner progresses to the national contest. Prizes are awarded!

Email  or call 01792 513182

Year 12 Singleton Campus
  19 June 2019 Salters Festival

Teams of 4 students from Years 6 through 8 compete in two practical-based contests. Prizes are awarded! 

Email  or call 01792 513182

Years 6-8  Singleton Campus 

Regular events, most weeks, throughout the year.  Schedule of events

Open Lab Days

Pupils perform selected experiments in our state-of-the-art facilities.  Multiple experiments available including the WJEC “Two-Step Synthesis”; “pH Titrations” (using data loggers) among others. For KS3 and 4, experiments associated with synthesis, acids and bases, rates of reaction, and spectroscopy are available.

Email  or call 01792 513182

Years 9-13  Singleton Campus  
Computer science A choice of two dates is available: Monday 17 December or Tuesday 18 December 2018 Sixth Form Conference A one-day series of Computer Science and Mathematics workshops and activities.  12 Computational Foundry, Bay Campus
Geography March 2019 Spring Lectures TBC 12 & 13 Singleton Campus
Maths A choice of two dates is available: Monday 17 December or Tuesday 18 December 2018 Sixth Form Conference  A one-day series of Mathematics and Computer Science workshops and activities.  12  Computational Foundry, Bay Campus 
Physics  3 and 4 December 2018 Christmas Lectures Students will attend two lectures by external speakers based around different topical themes. This event is run in conjunction with the IOP and the Learned Society of Wales. 10, 11 and 12 Taliesin Theatre, Singleton Campus
  Last week March and first week of July 2019 National Particle Physics Masterclass

Lectures are given on topics such as ‘Particle Physics and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)’ at CERN, ‘Introduction to ATLAS Software’, Students will have the opportunity to use this software in a practical session held in the computer laboratory and will identify for themselves events with elementary particles such as quarks, leptons, the W and Z bosons, and possibly the Higgs boson! How did the LHC discover the Higgs Boson’. ‘Antihydrogen’.

10-12 Singleton Campus

If you are interested in attending any of these events, please email or call 01792 295720.