Industrial Partnerships and Placements in Industry

Our Placement partnerships

Discover what our students can do for your business

Placement Partnerships are compact type agreements for Employers and the University.  By taking part in a Placement Partnership the College of Science will work directly with your business helping provide you with the best students to work within your organisation.  The benefits are much more than just offering a student an industrial placement.  Through the Placement Partnership you have direct involvement with potential placement students from the first year ensuring that the student is fully aware of the business and the type of work you will expect them to undertake, alongside ensuring that you are confident that the student will be the right choice for your business.  Throughout the programme the University Placement Support Team are on hand to assist with the placement throughout the programme.

The Placement Partnership Timetable

About our Placement Partnership Scheme


The expectation is that the 4 week paid placement in year 2 and the 12 month industrial paid placement in year 3 are supported by the employer providing the placement.  The University will contribute 50% of the cost of the 4 week placement (year 2).  If the placement is with a small or medium size enterprise (SME), there is a further £1500 contribution towards the funding of the 12 month industrial placement.  It would be expected that the student whilst working with the employer will receive remuneration in line with the work they are undertaking*.

*Specific sector based organisations may not be in a position to fully fund a paid placement.  Whilst many placements are paid we are keen to work with all organisations from all sectors, some may lack the resources to full fund a placement.  In these individual cases please contact the College of Science Employability Manager to discuss other options and support available.

Benefits to the employer

Key benefits:

  • Placements can offer specialist knowledge and an external viewpoint to the business over the duration of the partnership.
  • Placements can support and undertake short or fixed term project work.
  • Placements offer the chance to see potential employees in action before making hiring decisions.
  • Through the placement support provided by the academic there would be a direct link into the College’s research capacity. 
  • By working with Swansea University there would be opportunities to maximise the collaboration through our marketing channels.
  • An opportunity for the employer to engage and play a role in the module review process by joining the subject specific advisory panel, giving you the opportunity to help shape future curricula.

Benefits to the student

Key benefits:

  • Helps students to develop new work orientated skills.
  • Allows students to build confidence and maturity.
  • Supports the student in gaining a breadth of subject knowledge and a platform to apply taught skills.
  • Helps a student grow a CV ready for employment.

Suitable placements

There is no rule as to what makes a good work placement or not.  The type of work carried out by a placement student will vary depending on their strengths and skills and the requirements of your company.  An ideal placement would be one which:

  • Provides an opportunity to apply and develop both existing knowledge and also new skills learnt in the workplace.
  • Enables the student to assume an appropriate degree of responsibility.
  • Allows the student to take ownership of their development with guidance from experts.
  • Maximises the student’s contribution to the department and organisation.