Project Management


Dr Dave Clarke

Dr David Clarke
Project Manager, SEACAMS2
Focal Contact Point

A fisheries scientist with a focus on salmonid migration and behaviour. I have more than 30 years experience of environmental management and regulation, working for Scottish Government, Water Authorities, the Environment Agency (and its predecessor the NRA), and Welsh Government.
In addition to 10 years working as a fisheries scientist, my experience includes 5 years as EA Head of Fisheries (England and Wales), 3 years as Fisheries, Conservation, Recreation and Navigation Manager (EA Wales), 4 years leading an EA regulatory change programme (covering all functions) and various environmental management roles. I also worked as an Executive Director of EA responsible for Fisheries, Conservation, Recreation, Navigation and Marine issues.
Areas of Expertise:

  • Zoology and Oceanography with a Marine Fisheries management PhD, on Herring spawning and gear selection.
  • Extensive environmental management experience focussed on fisheries science and management, Environmental regulation and permitting, Conservation, and Flood Risk Management.
  • Scientific work included Salmon stock assessment, and development and management of large scale radio tracking studies of Salmon and Sea Trout in rivers Tamar, Tywi, and Dee.
  • Environmental policy development, working for both EA and Government at national and international level
Room : 139, Wallace Building, Singleton Campus
Tel: (01792) 513005
Email : David Clarke

Helena Sainsbury
Project Administrator,
With a clerical, finance & executive background in business of over 20 years, I provide the SEACAMS team with day to day administrative support and am responsible for the preparation of the quarterly claims for submission to the PM before onward transmission to REIS and WEFO.

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Alayne Harris

Alayne Harris
Clerical Assistant,
I have over 40 years clerical and administration experience, working my way up from a humble typist in a pool, to office management.  I have worked in a variety of areas, insurance, property management, with Nev from the Call Centre documentary, looking after techy start-ups and now the SEACAMS2 project.  I am responsible for providing clerical support to the team, collating all the paperwork to submit to WEFO for the claims.  I like to bring a bit of fun to the office, wearing fun T-shirts for different occasions, hosting coffee mornings for McMillan Cancer and wearing a variety of Christmas jumpers.  


Nicole Esteban
Senior Project Manager, SEACAMS
Research expertise: Biodiversity conservation, sea turtle research.
A marine biologist with a focus on tropical coastal management: I have 20 years’ experience in integrated coastal zone research including management of a Marine and National Park and various bilateral R&D programmes funded by DFID, EU, ERDF & IUCN. Research has included environmental, fishery and megafauna assessments in the British Indian Ocean Territory, Caribbean, Egypt, Nigeria & Uganda. I have produced Protected Area Management Plans, targeted Species Monitoring Plans and Environmental Impact Assessments, with an ongoing personal interest in. Research interests lie in the co-management of natural resources and understanding of spatial and habitat use by marine species, with a focus on sea turtles and reef fisheries.

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Prof. Kam W. Tang
Swansea PI for SEACAMS2
Research expertise: planktonic and microbial processes, biogeochemistry, algal ecology and applications.
I am an aquatic scientist with keen interests in plankton ecology and biogeochemistry. Plankton, which include viruses, bacteria, phytoplankton, protozoan and metazoan zooplankton, not only constitute the bulk of the aquatic biomass and the foundation of the aquatic food web, but also drive most of the biogeochemical processes in the water column. My work involves field sampling, experimentation and modelling, and I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research.

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Dr Jim Bull
Swansea Co-PI for SEACAMS2
Research expertise: disease ecology, ecological genomics, metapopulations, population biology and spatial dynamics.
I lead the SpacePop research group in the Department of Biosciences, Swansea University, investigating spatial connectivity in population dynamics and the population-level consequences of movement, as well as disease ecology. Through SEACAMS2, I am developing a program of integrated projects exploring marine mammal distributions and life history. This has application in the consenting process, and in designing down-stream environmental monitoring, for the marine renewable energy sector.

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Professor Kevin Flynn
Swansea Co-PI for SEACAMS2
Research expertise: plankton modelling, plankton physiology, commercial algal production, ocean acidification.
I am a marine biologist with interests spanning all aspects of plankton (virus, bacteria, algae, mixotrophs, zooplankton), from experimental physiology, ecology through to modelling.
I work on projects ranging from ocean acidification and ocean-scale production, harmful algal blooms, to commercial exploitation of algal growth and aquaculture.
A core component of my work is modelling, for which a series of interconnecting acclimative, multi-nutrient, variable stoichiometry models have been developed. The primary applications of these are in studies of trophic dynamics for biogeochemical and ecological analyses. A secondary application is in the guise of systems-biology applications to commercial production of microalgal biomass, cost-benefit analyses and optimization.

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