Areas of assistance


Fields of interest include:

  • Coastal Surveys
  • Off-shore Environments
  • Conservation Issues

Biodiversity Enhancement

Biodiversity Enhancement

SEACAMS2 expertise can be used to investigate the best way of creating coastal structures made with biodiversity enhancement in mind.

Disturbance caused by coastal development can impact the natural environment, but by diversifying structures to encourage natural colonization and creating habitats, the biodiversity can be be enriched.  Artificial reefs can be designed to best mitigate against habitat loss.  By testing noval designs for substrates and reef structures, SEACAMS2 can assist marine renewable energy companies to utilize the most effective designs or techniques for biodiversity enhancement which could contribute to the consent process.

Conservation Issues

Habitat restoration

Habitat restoration is important for the mitigation of disturbance caused by coastal and marine developments.

SEACAMS2 is investigating the most appropriate methods for mitigating and offsetting the interactions with seagrasses (Zostera marina and Z. noltii) that could be encountered by tidal lagoons in the Bristol Channel. By trialling different methods for seagrass restoration, recommendations can then be made to Tidal Lagoon Power for means of offsetting seagrass loss and enhancing biodiversity using seagrass establishment.

Off-shore Environments

Off-shore Environments

Off-shore habitats are increasingly impacted by structural developments and resource extraction. At the same time climate change and natural environmental changes affect individual species living in the open water or on the sea floor and alter the marine environment.

Types of Question: How will epibenthic species, i.e. species that live on the sea floor, respond to the habitat structures provided by offshore constructions? How will open water species respond to underwater construction work? How do new permanent structures affect habitat quality for marine vertebrates?

Potential project areas: Subtidal benthic surveys| Behavioural studies of open water species with remote data logging technology| Offshore biodiversity mapping| Offshore survey equipment development and testing.