Is my company eligible for assistance from SEACAMS?

SEACAMS can assist Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Convergence region of Wales (counties within this area are shaded yellow on the map).  If you are a business outside this region of Wales, your work must benefit the Convergence region in order to qualify for support.  SEACAMS can also assist larger companies (subject to eligibility).  We are unable to work with regulatory bodies, central government or local authorities.   

Working with SEACAMS does not require your business to make any financial contribution.  There are two types of assistance:

  1. 'Enterprise Assist' - short technical advice projects (1-10 days), with assistance to your company under State Aid ‘De Minimis’ regulations.  
  2. Collaborative Research and Development projects - lasting from a few weeks to years to support your business with product or survey design and testing, data collection or analysis. These research projects are conducted on a collaborative basis, so are not subject to ‘De Minimis’ funding regulations. 

When working with SEACAMS you will be asked to complete a form to assess your eligibility. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.