Problems of Small Estuaries: challenges and opportunities for coastal managers

Swansea University, Wales, UK

11 April 2013

How have small estuaries in Wales changed? And how will they change in the future? This workshop, aimed at coastal and marine sector consultancies and SME’s in Wales, focuses on the often strained interface between science and coastal management in practice. The aim of the workshop is to provide both scientists and practitioners a better understanding of each other’s work, while also discussing the future of coastal science.

Through a series of talks, question and answer sessions and open debates, the workshop will discuss:

  • Expectations between scientists and practitioners: are they realistic?
  • What new and emerging technologies have the potential to aid informed management decisions?
  • What challenges are likely to face coastal managers in the future, and can science help provide answers?

Environmental consultants, town planners, engineers and marine laboratories and other businesses operating within the coastal sector would benefit from the this workshop. The event is preceded by an academic symposium focussed on the processes and dynamics of small estuaries, as well as issues affecting effective coastal management (8-10 April 2013). Eligible Welsh SME’s are welcome to attend this longer event in addition to the focussed Practitioners’ workshop.

Practitioners Day Schedule