Elite Sports

Sport Swansea has a history of nurturing top flight sporting talents who have completed at both international and national levels.

Our teams have gone on to achieve success in BUCS with individual athletes achieving success in at the University, National and International level. 

While Sport Swansea supports and encourages development in all areas, we have chosen sports that are a focus for elite development. If you are interested in a participating in a club that is not listed below, please see our Student Sports clubs list which includes 55 different clubs.

Our Elite Sports


Alumni Rugby Trio

Swansea University Rugby Club has a very proud and successful history and has recently established a Performance Academy to ensure that our current squad can achieve and develop during their time at University whilst also pursuing success.

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Alumni Football Trio

Swansea University has men’s football team and women's football team.
Both teams are highly competitive and enthusiastic squad.

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Alumni Hockey Trio

Both Swansea University Ladies Hockey Club and Swansea University Men's Hockey Club are all-inclusive clubs, whether you're an international or if you've never played before and would like to just give it a go there is a team for you!

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Alumni Athletics Trio

Our vision is to deliver a diversified athletics programme and equitable participation opportunities, encouraging student-athletes to strive for the highest levels of sportsmanship and performance in the pursuit of athletic excellence.

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Alumni Swimming Trio

Swansea University aims to provide a pathway to swimming excellence and equitable participation opportunities for all students.

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