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  • SHG107 An Introduction to Healthcare Practice (SDP)

    This module provides an introduction to core nursing concepts, such as law, ethics, research, numeracy and health promotion. Completion of this module will empower the student to participate effectively in the delivery of healthcare practice. And the student will have the opportunity to undertake a range of clinically focussed skills appropriate to their relevant professional body. This core module also addresses key areas in study development using a variety of learning strategies to ensure the student can effectively acquire and utilise knowledge.


    The aim of this module is to develop health care professionals¿ skills in the assessment, recognition and management of patients with dependency level 1, 2 and 3 (acute and critically ill patients).

  • SHG367 Return to Practice

    The module is intended to allow nurses to study the theoretical and practical aspects of the contemporary role of the nurse. Students will learn how the structure of NHS settings has changed in the last few years to make it easier for health care professionals, and in particular nurses, to deliver continuously high standards of care. This module is suitable for: ¿ Qualified nurses and health visitors (HVs)whose registration has lapsed to return to practice in line with the PREP Standards (NMC, 2011) ¿ Qualified nurses whose registration is subject to sanctions imposed by the NMC and are required by the NMC to undertake the return to practice programme. (The Nursing and Midwifery Order, 2001) ¿ EU & EEA qualified nurses to register in the UK in line with Registering as a nurse or midwife in the UK (NMC, 2011). ¿ Registered nurses / HVs seeking to update and refresh their skills and knowledge. ¿ Registered nurses / HVs identified by their employer as requiring an update to refresh their skills and knowledge.

  • SHG391 Contemporary issues in Healthcare Practice

    Contemporary issues in healthcare practice aims to introduce students to concepts of contemporary healthcare practice by promoting professional development and management in practice. It also links theory to practice situations through group work, discussion and debate and aims to consolidate learning in practice.

  • SHN126 Learning to Learn in Higher Education and Clinical Practice

    This module aims to prepare students to study effectively in Higher Education and in the clinical setting. Completion of the module will empower the student to participate effectively in acquiring knowledge through a variety of learning strategies enabling progression towards becoming an independent learner in both academic and clinical settings.

  • SHN3056 Advancing Professional Nursing Practice (Adult)

    The aim of this module is to enable nursing students to develop the knowledge and skills to evaluate and advance professional nursing practice. It will help them to identify areas for improvement and help identify any potential limitations within the context of current policy and organisational cultures. The module will enable the student to develop their own potential, advancing their own practice whilst evaluating the impact on self, service users and other professionals.