Craig Toutt qualified as an Osteopath from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy with a 2:1 Honours BSc OST Med Degree. He has been a practicing osteopath since 2004, where he has worked in multi-disciplinary clinics throughout South Wales, developing and acquiring knowledge in patient treatment, business management and practice development. Craig has worked for Swansea University since 2011, taking responsibility for the development of the clinic and collaborative projects with the local health board. In 2015 he became team leader for the M.Ost programme as well as lead for innovation and engagement within the department of Inter-professional Studies. Craig is actively engaged in researching the impact of Osteopathy within the National Health Service.

From a student perspective, Craig's main advice to both prospective and current students is to develop good communication and social skills. Craig believes that the best part of working at Swansea University is the knowledge he has personally learnt from working with a diverse group of individuals.

Craig is always trying to lead an active lifestyle in the workplace and at home. He coordinates activities with the main aim of increasing staff well-being.

Currently, Craig is working alongside his colleagues to strategically develop the Health and Well-being Academy that the College is aiming to establish. The Health and Well-being Academy is an innovative partnership project that is designed to meet the health and well-being needs of the local community.

Craig has been working on his Master's Degree in Education and is set to complete it this summer.


  1. Shackleton, E., Toutt, C., & Edwards, D. Psychological context effects of participant expectation on pain pressure thresholds as an adjunct to cervicothoracic HVLA thrust manipulation: A randomised controlled trial. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine


  • SHF201 Introduction to Business Management for Health Care

    This module will introduce the students to the core concepts and principles relating to business management, with a patient-centric approach, whilst exploring the legal and ethical aspects of creating a new business. Due to the competitive nature of healthcare provision it is necessary to have an underpinning knowledge of business practice and management.

  • SHF301 Developing Business Management Skills

    This module will build upon the tenets of Business Management for Healthcare (SHF201) to explore the need for effective marketing, financial management and the development of core business policy and procedures in managing private health care businesses.

  • SHG138 Health and Well-being Academy Internship

    During this module, students will be placed with the Health and Well-being Academy and be provided with an opportunity to observe multiple clinical practices, which may include, for example, audiology, wound care, cardiology, osteopathic medicine, bereavement counselling for children, neurological rehabilitation for traumatic brain injuries, and midwifery services.



    Other supervisor: Mr Ioan Humphreys