Mr Dale Maguire
Senior Lecturer
Interprofessional Studies
Telephone: (01792) 602081
Room: Office - 208
Second Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus

Dale Maguire joined the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust in 2002, and spent his early career working as an Emergency Medical Technician before qualifying as a paramedic in 2008. Practicing in Wales’ Capital city, Cardiff, as a rapid response paramedic, Dale gained invaluable operational experience while exposed to a wide range of clinical presentations that only inner-city areas with certain socio-economic factors can create.

Having developed a keen interest in higher acuity trauma and medical patients from the outset of his career, Dale has gained an appreciation of how early critical care interventions can make a difference for this subset of patients. Dale is a passionate individual who is dedicated to enhancing and improving paramedic practice with a commitment to developing others within the profession.

He joined Swansea University as a lecturer in 2013 and in his current role he manages the DipHE Paramedic Science for Emergency Medical Technicians programme. Dale’s clinical interests are varied and include medical simulation, resuscitation and epilepsy.


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  • SHE113 The Pillars of Paramedic Practice

    This module will enable students to develop insight around the four pillars (Clinical, Research, Education, and Leadership) of paramedic practice, drawing on reflective processes to create an understanding of their own professional identity, and interprofessional working. The module will enhance student¿s knowledge around the broader issues of patient care such as social, organizational and changing complex health care environments. The module will introduce theories and models of reflection along with, teamwork and an introduction to multiagency partnerships. Students will gain further insight into research and psycho-socio determinants of health. During the module the students will undertake clinical practice which will be assessed by a clinical practice assessment document (CPA).

  • SHE213 Clinical Decision Making Within the Healthcare Team

    This module develops the core skills for paramedics, underpinned by appropriate theory and building on level 4 outcomes.

  • SHG110 Bridging Module (Paramedic)

    This module is aimed at Emergency Medical Technicians who would like to access higher education with a view to achieving a recordable paramedic qualification. This module introduces students to core principles that underpin paramedic practice such as research, ethics, law and health promotion.

Additional Teaching

SHE107 Developing the Emergency Care Role
This module provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge required for personal and professional development for health care providers.

SHE108 Developing Professional Practice, Principles and Judgment for Pre-hospital Care
This module consolidates and further develops clinical skills through reflection and portfolio building. The student will explore their role within the regulatory frameworks and be introduced to leadership skills.

SHE109 Core Pre-Hospital Care Skills
This module introduces students to core pre-hospital care skills that prepare the student to act in a manner that ensures patient, public, health professional and personal safety.

SHE110 Basic Pre-Hospital Care Skills
The module sets the scene to introduce students to pre-hospital care work and will focus on introductions to the body systems, protocols, policies and procedures specific technical skills, mindful of the role of the individual in the team.

SHE214 Planning and Evaluating Paramedic Care
This module further develops paramedic skills with particular emphasis on care of medical and trauma emergencies.

SHE215 Independent Professional Practice Delivery
This module further consolidates paramedic skills with paramedic emphasis on children and the young person and emergencies in childbirth and gynaecology. This module also synthesises professional, legal, ethical, management and teaching elements in preparation for practice as a registered paramedic.

SHG110 Bridging Module (Paramedic)
This module is aimed at Emergency Medical Technicians who would like to access higher education with a view to achieving a recordable paramedic qualification.