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  • SHG3108 Research and Critical Appraisal

    This module is aimed at enabling persons working within the health sector to gain knowledge of research and critical appraisal skills, including confidence as critical readers of health related research and literature and its application to practice. The module has been developed to meet the needs of practitioners who are expected to deliver evidence based practice. Health care practitioners have a duty to ensure that the care and services delivered are both efficient and effective. To fulfil this expectation, they need to develop a range of skills associated with evidence-based care. Firstly, they must be able to find the evidence. This involves accessing library resources and developing a range of IT skills to search the literature effectively. Secondly, once the evidence is located, they must be able to make sense of it and critically appraise it. Competence in these activities requires understanding of research methods and the critiquing process. The module also aims to improve and develop writing and referencing skills.

  • SHN134 Developing Nursing Knowledge (Child)

    This module aims to equip student nurses to work with individuals, service users, carers and the multi disciplinary team when planning and providing appropriate evidence based care. The concepts of Clinical Governance and clinical assessment and decision making will be explored. The module will build on previous knowledge to facilitate the development of theoretical and practical knowledge so that the individual can recognise and act when there is a risk to the client/service user of physical or mental health problems across the lifespan.

  • SHN275 Health Promotion and Public Health (Child Nursing)

    Health promotion and public health are essential components of the nurse‿s role. This module aims to provide students with an understanding of public health development, the nurse‿s role and priorities for action such as inequalities, advocacy and partnership working. Key principles of health promotion and its role within public health will also be explored. The module will also provide students with knowledge of how to promote health within practice across the lifespan in a variety of settings

  • SHN3047 Community Children's Nursing Essential Skills

    The module focuses on skills deemed essential for competent and effective community children¿s nursing. The curriculum was delivered in consultation with qualified community children¿s nurses currently practicing as community children¿s nurses. The theoretical component links to the clinical outcomes of the practice portfolio. There are five themes incorporated in the module where each theme has a theoretical and clinical outcome. The themes are Community Care of Vulnerable Children/Young People, Palliative and End of Life Care, Continuing Care, Care of children/Young people with Short-Term Care Needs and Integrated Care of Children/Young People with Chronic Conditions.