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  • SHQM22 Dissertation (Health Care Management)

    Students will choose their own area of study, in consultation with study supervisor, and in accordance with the aims of the award. Students will be encouraged to attempt a project-based, business-planning project while maintaining high academic standards in their research. However, students may also opt for a more theoretical exploration of an area of relevance to health care and health care management. The dissertation comprises Part Two of the MSc programme.

  • SHQM43 Theory and Practice of Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care

    This module will enable students to develop a critical understanding of management and leadership in the context of health and social care. The module will have a dual focus on theoretical perspectives and applied health care management. Theoretical perspectives will be drawn from business, health and further afield, to examine their application within health and social care and the public sector. Contemporary health and social care examples will be used as points for discussion and learning.


  • An interventional approach to increasing psychological safety as a core component of continuous quality improvement in healthcare.«br /»«br /» (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Sharon Williams
  • Antimicrobial resistance in the community: Impacting public cognition and behaviour to limit AMR (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Julian Hunt
    Other supervisor: Prof Sharon Williams
  • Co-producing and improving care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A cross-disciplinary mixed-method study (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Sharon Williams
  • A Multifaceted and Holistic Strategic Approach to Monitor and Reduce in Antimicrobial Resistance in Turkey: A Mixed Method Study (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Jayne Cutter
  • Influencing the Future: How effective is co-production as a consultation methodology in engaging NHS stakeholders in its transforming clinical services «br /»«br /» (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Sarah Norris
  • An evaluation of factors influencing Kuwait's health care quality strategy: proposal for a new integrated model (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Dr David Rea

About Me

Professor Gammon is currently the Deputy Head of the College of Human and Health Sciences at Swansea University, a role which carries the strategic responsibility of leading the development of college business in key areas of innovation, engagement and organisational development.  Innovation includes specific projects, both internal and external, that contribute to the achievement of strategic goals. Engagement includes collaboration and partnership working with internal and external stakeholders, notably health boards, and other public bodies and professional services within the College and the University.   Professor Gammon is a proactive member of the Executive Team in developing sustainable business opportunities, evaluating the human and physical resources necessary to support these developments, and is line manager of the Director of Engagement, Director of Innovation and Strategic Finance, Director of Special Projects and the Leads for Professional Services (HR, Finance, Technical Services, Marketing, and Internationalisation)

Professor Gammon has significant experience in higher education, with subject expertise in infection prevention and control, healthcare management and research.  His research interests include infection control practice, isolation strategies and behavioural compliance within a clinical context. 

He has had previous public Board appointments and is currently an Independent Member of Hywel Dda University Health Board, also executive Board experience in a commercial context.

He has considerable experience in working to influence and develop healthcare education and health policy with national and international health governments, and working with international Healthcare Companies advising on medical devices and associated healthcare products.  Professor Gammon has extensive personal networks, built over a long clinical and academic career, which help inform his thinking, research, teaching and professional behaviour. While a nurse by background, specialising in infection prevention and control, he is passionately committed to the value of interdisciplinary working and education.