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Jeanette Hewitt is an Associate Professor at Swansea University and is currently lecturing to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Jeanette is a registered Mental Health Nurse, General Nurse and is also a Registered Nurse Tutor.

Following on from Jeanette’s graduation with a BSc (Hons) in Nursing, she has been awarded her Doctorate in Nursing Science, a Diploma in Critical Care and also a PG Certificate in Counselling. Jeanette also completed a Postgraduate certificate in Education (PGCE).

Dr Hewitt’s research interests are Suicide, Serious mental illness and Medical ethics. Jeanette has been the Chair for CHHS and CoM Research Ethics Committee since 2011 and a Board Member of the European Association of Centres of Clinical Ethics since 2011.

Jeanette is very active in terms of research, having released a variety of publications. All listed below.


  1. Mental Capacity of Adult Patients in Health Care. In Handbook of the Philosophy of Medicine. (pp. 1-21). Netherlands: Springer.
  2. & Concepts, models and measurement of continuity of care in mental health services: A systematic appraisal of the literature. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 24(6), 431-450.
  3. Why are people with mental illness excluded from the rational suicide debate?. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
  4. Investigating eating disorders in elite gymnasts: Conceptual, ethical and methodological issues. European Journal of Sport Science, 1-9.
  5. & Can supervising self-harm be part of ethical nursing practice?. Nursing Ethics 18(1), 79-87.

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  • SHG332 Foundations of Community Practice (Non Specialist Practice Qualification)

    A review of community nursing education programmes throughout Wales (commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government in 2006) led to the decision that future provision of education for practitioners working in the community will focus on a modularised approach. This new modularised approach enables the provision of an educational framework that matches the profile of different roles within community nursing teams. The module in particular will focus its attention on the many challenges facing practitioners today who work in this continuously changing yet challenging environment. The module addresses the recommendations put forward in recent policy documents Community Nursing Strategy (WAG, 2009) and Together for Health (WG, 2011). This module will follow the design and structure (as dictated by the All Wales working group for community nurse education) of the core community module in that there are 4 themes which form the underlying content of the module. The themes are as follows: 1. Community as the context of care; 2. Professional Role and Accountability; 3. Clinical Practice in the Community; 4. The Family.


  • What is the impact of triaging for memory problems in Primary Care on service users and professionals? (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Nicholas Rich
    Other supervisor: Prof Andrea Tales
  • An Examination of the Experience of Ecotherapy as an Intervention for Mental Health in Wales. (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Michael Ward
    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Coffey
  • A Realist Evaluation of Gellinudd Recovery Centre, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and a Physical Health Education Intervention. (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Liv Kosnes
    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Coffey
    Other supervisor: Prof Jaynie Rance
  • Exploring participants' talk about mental health nursing tin the context of service user involvement. (awarded 2018)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Coffey

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    Established in 2006, the Mental Health Research Network Cymru (MHRN-C) is an all Wales network funded by the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research. Please click the link for more information.