Senior Lecturer
Interprofessional Studies
Telephone: (01792) 295987
Room: Office - 324
Third Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus

Joe attended Swansea University, graduating in 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree in BSc (Hons.) Clinical Technology. He has also completed a Master’s degree from The University of Oxford in Radiation Biology. Joe has worked in the NHS as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, before moving to Swansea University to Lecture in Medical Physics Technology.

Whilst at The University of Oxford Joe presented a poster about the ‘Development of a Kinetic Model of I-131 Treatment for Thyroid Cancer’ (2016)

Areas of Expertise

  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation Physics
  • Radiation Biology
  • Radiotherapy Physics


  • SHC142 Scientific Basis of Engineering

    This module will provide a foundation from which the student will build their knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes throughout their programme of study and transfer these skills to employment in healthcare science. The aim of the module is to enable the student to gain an understanding and working knowledge of essential electrical and electronic theory, as well as essential engineering mechanics, applied to Clinical Engineering. The aim of the work-based placements within the module is to provide the student with a broad appreciation of the range of work undertaken within healthcare science. Students will begin the process of the development of the skills and attitudes relevant to the HCSP, building on learning in the academic environment, including practical sessions, clinical skills sessions, reflection on development, etc. Additionally, it should help students learn in the context of practice and real-life experience and have a motivational element as they work towards a career in the NHS.

  • SHC153 Basics of Mathematics and Physics for Healthcare Science

    This is an introductory module in mathematics and physics to support healthcare science.

  • SHC160 Scientific Basis of Medical Physics

    This is an introductory module for students following programmes in Medical Physics Technology. The module provides mixed learning opportunities combining university learning with practice based placement learning.

  • SHC161 Informatics and Statistics

    This is an introductory model to the use of informatics and statistics, with content designed to meet the needs of students studying medical physics technology and rehabilitation engineering.

  • SHC232 Instrumentation Signal Processing and Imaging

    This is a module for students following Healthcare Science programmes that details the theory and application of physiological measurement and imaging in healthcare.

  • SHC243 Medical Imaging

    This is an introductory module for students following medical physics technology programmes into imaging techniques and their applications to healthcare.

  • SHC244 Practice of Radiation Protection

    This is an introductory module for students following medical physics technology programmes into radiation protection.

  • SHC245 Medical Equipment Lifecycle

    An introductory module for students following medical physics technology and rehabilitation engineeringin equipment lifecycle management.

  • SHC246 Non-ionising Radiation and Physiological Measurements

    This is an introductory module for students following medical physics technology programmes into non-ionising radiation and detector systems.

  • SHC330 Professional Practice 3

    This is a module that builds upon SHC150 Professional Practice 1 and SHC230 Professional Practice 2 from years 1 and 2 to provide the student with an in depth understanding of leadership and quality improvement in healthcare science.

  • SHC331 Healthcare Science Research Project

    This module will facilitate the planning, execution and dissemination of a research project with direct relevance to the clinical specialism. Students will be expected to plan, execute and disseminate a literature review, audit or service improvement project.

  • SHC342 Clinical Indication, Pathology and Patient Care

    A module designed to provide the medical physics technology student with the knowledge to support practice.

  • SHC343 Physics and Instrumentation

    This module provides students with the knowledge base to underpin the practice of nuclear medicine with emphasis on imaging and radionuclide assay.

  • SHC344 Radiobiology and Clinical Radiotherapy Physics

    This module will provide the student with the underpinning knowledge to support radiotherapy practice.

  • SHC345 Practice of Radiotherapy Physics

    This module provides the student with the underpinning knowledge required to critically select and use radiotherapy equipment in patient treatment.

  • SHC346 Framework of Radiation Governance and Risk Management

    The module follows on from modules in years one and two of the programme. The module is designed to equip the student with a high level body of knowledge that will enable them to function as a professional practitioner in the field of Radiation Physics following graduation, by providing the student with an understanding of the main sources of ionising and non-ionising radiation encountered in the clinical environment, the legislative and organizational framework surrounding their use and the principles of risk assessment and risk management. The subject matter will focus on principles of radiation protection, sources of radiation, dosimetry and risk assessment.

  • SHC347 Practice of Radiation Physics

    The module aims to consolidate and further develop the knowledge and skills gained in years 1 and 2 of the programme to the high level that will equip students with the knowledge and skills required to function as professional practitioners in the field of radiation physics following graduation, by equipping the student with an understanding of the performance testing of a wide range of equipment, measurement of patient doses, dose optimization and audit of radiation departments. The subject matter will focus on performance testing, dose measurement and optimization and audit of radiation departments.

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2011 2015 Clinical Technology Student Swansea University
2014 2015 Nuclear Medicine Technologist Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board
2015 2016 Radiation Biology Student University of Oxford
2016 Present Lecturer in Medical Physics Technology Swansea University