Thomas Hewes was born in 1978. He joined the Welsh Ambulance Service in 2002 following a BSc in Sports and Exercise Sciences. Thomas worked as a paramedic in Cardiff City Centre, both in Ambulances and Rapid Response Vehicles. During this time Thomas completed a PGCE in Adult Education and a MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice. He became a Clinical Team Leader in Wales' first 'Hazardous Area Response Team' where Thomas stayed until 2014. Thomas then joined the private sector as a disability assessor before becoming employed by Swansea University as a lecturer in 2015.

Thomas Hewes' main role at the University is to give practical and theoretical lectures to students on all the Paramedic Sciences courses. He enjoys researching practical solutions to pre-hospital emergencies.


  1. Hewes, T. Synthetic cannabinoids – the threat, the effects and the management Standby CPD 8 2 Class Publishing


  • SHE107 Developing the Emergency Care Role

    This module provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge required for personal and professional development for health care providers.

  • SHE111 Foundations and Preparation for Paramedic Practice

    This module introduces students to the dynamics of paramedic practice and what it means to be a professional. The module provides the student with basic knowledge around the nature of pre-hospital care. During the module the students will undertake clinical practice which will be assessed by a clinical practice assessment document (CPA).

  • SHE317 Effective Clinical Decision Making for Emergency and Unscheduled Care

    This module will enable the student to implement their own professional judgement in demanding and complex environments, supported by knowledge and skills gained throughout the programme. The module will enable students to manage specialist areas and situations that remain an essential aspect of the paramedic role. The module will further develop the students¿ assessment, intervention and management skills underpinned by professional responsibility. During the module the students will undertake clinical practice which will be assessed by a clinical practice assessment document (CPA).

  • SHM243 Complex Needs in Pregnancy

    This module has been designed to develop the student¿s understanding and application of altered health, complex childbearing anatomy and physiology, relevant psycho-social issues and midwifery care provision across the entire childbearing continuum. This includes a range of psycho-social and health complexities impacting on or associated with childbearing women, neonates and their families. Content covered offers the student an overview of these complex processes on childbearing, childbirth and the postnatal period with a specific focus on further developing midwifery knowledge and skills. The theoretical components aim to prepare students for placements where they will continue to deepen their learning and continue to apply knowledge to practice.