Areas of Expertise

  • Student & young people mental health & wellbeing
  • CBT and Therapeutic Approaches
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Applied Cognitive Psychology


  • PS-M56 Affective Disorders and Trauma

    This module will examine the development, maintenance and treatment of affective disorders (anxiety and depression) along with related trauma responses such as post-traumatic stress disorder. The module will consider these presentations from biological/genetic, social/familial, and psychological explanatory frameworks. It will also critically review established and emergent theory-driven interventions.

  • PS-M65 Psychotherapy

    This module will focus on the key skills required in the practice of psychotherapy and their use in clinical contexts. It focuses on the development of theory-based clinical formulation and interventions using cognitive behavioural and third wave strategies of change. It also provides practice in the use of core skills involved in formulation development and treatment. The module will translate a theoretical understanding of psychological disorders to a more clinical case relevant understanding. Students will learn about the key elements of second and third wave cognitive behavioural therapies both from a theoretical and practical perspective. This module is appropriate for students wishing to pursue a career in clinical, health or other abnormal psychological fields.