Dr Rachel Harrad
Tutor in Psychology
Telephone: (01792) 602887
Room: Office - 722
Seventh Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus

My research interests are broad considering both Cyberpsychology, nursing and health.

My PhD focused on online self-presentation and individual differences variables, and how these impact impression management attempts and impressions formed. I have presented these findings at conferences including the Eminds Conference 2014 at the University of Birmingham, UK and The 3rd Social Networking in Cyberspace Conference 2015 in Wolverhampton, UK.

As a registered nurse I maintain an interest in current issues in adult nursing including burnout amongst adult nurses in nursing homes and spiritual assessment and needs of nurses and patients. I am currently collaborating on work examining the lived experience of patients using direct oral anticoagulant medications for treatment of the cardiac condition atrial fibrillation.


  1. & Counselling in Online Environments. In Applied Cyberpsychology. (pp. 123-143). London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  2. Factors associated with and impact of burnout in nursing and residential home care workers for the elderly. Acta BioMedica 89(7-S), 60-69.


  • PSY237 Research and Experimental Methods I

    This module is designed to further develop quantitative and qualitative methods and statistics for psychologists to prepare students for their final year independent research project. Students will be introduced to using the statistical software package SPPS for quantitative analysis and students will learn how to design mini-projects, apply appropriate statistical tests, and interpret and present data. Students will also be introduced to qualitative research methods. The module also covers research ethics, the nature of good experimental design, how to control for confounding factors and the need for replicability and reliability in scientific research.