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The Welsh Society - all you need to know about us

The Gym Gym, as it’s called, provides a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, take part in exciting activities, and receive support and assistance from Welsh speakers and learners during your studies at Swansea University. The Gym Gym meets regularly, and organises a host of social activities through the medium of Welsh in a relaxed and informal environment. This active society includes regular quiz nights and events as well as a rugby team, organised trips to watch sporting activities and to the inter-college dance and Eisteddfod.

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Llŷr Roberts - President of the Welsh Society

Mari Williams - President of the Welsh Society

"This is the best opportunity for Swansea students to socialise and meet other Welsh speakers at Swansea University. Join us on one of our crawls or sosials, and remember our trips to Aberystwyth for the Intercollegiate Dance, a trip to Dublin for the Six Nations tournament and the InterCollegiate Eisteddfod. These trips are a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new friends from the Welsh Society and other Universities of Wales and beyond."

Mari Williams, President of the Welsh Society