Carly Payne (Geography)

  • Name: Carly Payne
  • Age: 21
  • Course: Geography
  • Hometown: Carmarthen

Why you chose Swansea University?

When I came to visit on an Open Day, as soon as I stepped onto campus I had a feeling that I would love it here. Then I went to visit my home department and my feeling was confirmed!  The beach and Gower may have been a deciding factor too!

What you like about your course?

The way the course is structured is one of the best parts. In the first year most of the modules are compulsory and exam based but in the second and third years you get to pick most of the modules yourself, which means you can really tailor your degree to suite you. In your second year you get to go abroad as part of the course, I went to Vancouver and it was the best experience I have ever had!  Also your dissertation can be on whatever you want it to be about (as long as your tutor thinks it's realistic!)  There is also group work involved in some modules which means you get to know the people on your course really well and make some amazing friends.  All the lecturers are so helpful, any problems you have they are all willing to sit down and talk it through with you.

What's the best thing about being a student in Swansea?

As Swansea University has a single-site campus it means you get a great sense of being part of a community.  You get to know people and make new friends really quickly too because you will find you always see the same people around campus. Not just that, but you are right in the middle of the city centre and the Mumbles which means you get the best of both worlds, town life and country life which gives you plenty of opportunities to get involved in loads of different clubs and activities.

What advice you would give potential future students?

Visit as many Universities as you can on open days, you will be spending a whole three years in one place so you really need to be confident you will be happy where you are. Also ask lots of questions, I was so scared about leaving home but after I asked questions about accommodation, the social life, the campus etc, I felt so much more comfortable (and remember, even if you think it's a stupid question, it's probably been asked before!)

When you get to University, join loads of clubs and society's in your first year, they are a great way to meet new people and in your second and third year you won't have as much time on your hands to try new things so it's important to give it all a go in year one.  I'm part of the Geography Society, The Student Ambassador scheme and Discovery (student volunteering).

Finally, just have fun!  Don't worry about things, everyone is in the same boat as you and if you get into a sticky situation and a panic there is always someone on campus trained to help you out.

I'm in my third year now and I am going to be so sad to leave. I have had an amazing time here and I would recommend University to everyone. I wouldn't lie and say it is all fun and games all the time, there were times when the work load really got on top of me, but with a bit of discipline and hard work it's all do able. The friends I have made and the experiences I have had are things I will never forget, if I had the money I would be a student forever!