Human Culture

Interactive Exhibitions in the Human Culture zone.

Understanding Ageing and Busting Myths

Ready to bust some myths around getting older? Then come and join us! Learn about the latest research from Swansea, design the Zimmer frame of the future, take our ageing quiz and much more. Whether you’re old, young or middle-aged it doesn’t matter, ageing affects us all. But the more we know, the better we can age!

Become an ancient Egyptian embalmer!

See how mummification helped people learn about the biology of the human body and the chemistry used to preserve it. Learn to write your name in hieroglyphs and discover how to play the ancient game of Senet.

A Spectacle of Spectacles 

How do you feel about glasses? Are they a fashion statement or do they simply get in the way? Our spectacle of spectacles will look at eyewear from the ages and people’s perceptions and stigmas which are associated with them.