There's more to see at Swansea Science Festival

Even more things to see and do!

Our zones are jam packed full of fun things to see and do, but there is even more! 

Diamond Dust: Meet KA-Tash-Trophe

Our 8 Foot Robot Cat, KA-Tash-Trophe, or KATT weights about 220kg and is unforgettable! Come alone and meet our radio controlled robot!

A Few Feet Up - Interactive Periscope

Our interactive periscope we call ‘A Few Feet Up’ presents the theory that a slight physical change of perspective can encourage a conceptual one. The audience will see that just above our heads is an entirely (if subtly) different and unexplored realm which is always present but usually just out of reach. The intention of the work is to playfully give participants access to this, and offer them the opportunity to re-see a familiar place anew. The focus is to engage audiences with their environment, and the comical pair ask audience members to help document the environment they are in. This is perfect for festivals and arts events, engaging with science, arts and technology in one.