Swansea Science Festival - Wednesday 7 November

Wednesday 7 November

Pregnancy and Childbirth: Eating, Exercise, and Mindset

10:30 - 12:30 
LC Swansea

Join us for this informative event on eating, exercise, and mindset during pregnancy.
Exploring exercise, nutrition, and sleep during pregnancy, audience members will learn about the latest research in these areas and understand how to put these into their own pregnancy. The workshop will also help new mums, and mums-to-be, learn about pelvic floor training before, during, and after pregnancy; as well as the physiology of birth and hypnobirthing with an opportunity to participate in a demonstration on this. 

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Star Wars in the Contemporary World

19:30 - 21:00
National Waterfront Museum

This talk will explore the Star Wars films in relation to the historical moments in which they were made. What is the relationship between Star Wars: A New Hope and the Vietnam War? Can we consider the Jedi Order in The Phantom Menace as U.N. peacekeepers? How far can we see The Last Jedi as a window on Trump era America?

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