Year 2 Themes

Year 2 Themes:

Following its successful first year, STEP4Excellence has held several staff and student consultative events to decide how to build on that success and progress the project’s overarching aim of enhancing the student experience across Swansea University.

As a result, two new themes are now underway being co-lead by a member of staff and a student.  Areas of focus to continue to enhance our student experience include:

 Student Participation in Learning:

  • Enhancing the culture of digital education - to enhance a culture of digital education, investing in new technology where possible and maximising opportunities with existing technology
  • Promoting student-to-student interactions - to improve and increase the opportunities for successful and meaningful student-to-student interactions involving students in modular design. This also includes an exciting new student exchange programme. 
  • Involving students in modular design – to embed the ethos of students as partners

Student Empowerment for Learning:

  • Empowering student action - by building a culture and community of practice through enhancing student and staff engagement with academic societies
  • Empowering student voice - through the development of the feedback culture, with a particular focus on continuing to 'close the feedback loop’
  • Empowering staff and students with a culture of co-creation – continuing to work closely with students to involve them in discussions and decision-making

If you would like to be involved in any of these aspects please contact us at

Year 1 achievements

There were four main themes which formed year 1 of STEP4Excellence and these are now being implemented. 

Academic and Pastoral Support:

Work is underway on creating a Student Life Network to streamline the support we offer for students.

Learning and Teaching:

The role of the Learning and Teaching Leads in Colleges was enhanced during the first year of STEP4Excellence and they have continued their good work in year 2. The theme also looked at Co-Creation and a successful event was held which involved a cross section of academic and professional staff.

Student Engagement:

A pilot was launched on a University student social media feedback resource. A network of student engagement leads was also created along with a set of student definitions for terms commonly associated with STEP4Excellence. Student representative recruitment has also been enhanced thanks to the project, with more reps being recruited across the Institution.

Culture Change:

The work on this theme has helped to improve the support services available to staff and students on Bay campus. It’s also worked to embed a co-creative practice culture. This work is being continued with the themes in year 2. 

What’s next for STEP4X?

‌Progress is being made on the Year 2 themes and a series of actions and recommendations are in the pipeline and will be put in place over the coming months.

Moving into next year, the project will aim to continue with its remit of enhancing the student experience.

Over the next few months, the project team will look ahead to the determine the areas of focus which guide the project into its third year.

Further details on these will be published as soon as they are available.

If you feel you have a contribution to make towards the student experience through STEP4X, then please contact us at

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