Welsh Language Policy

A Bilingual University

Swansea University is a bilingual University. In accordance with its statutory Welsh Language Scheme, it actively promotes and supports the use of Welsh on academic, professional and social levels.  

This page details our policy work. Don’t forget that we have other pages to help you work bilingually and get support as a student or member of staff

The University’s Welsh Language Policy and Promotion Officers are Nia Besley and Emily Hammett. Sharing a job, (both work part-time), they work to promote opportunities to use Welsh on campus and beyond, and provide advice and strategies for complying with the University’s Welsh language scheme.

Welsh Language Standards

Swansea University is now operating under the Welsh Language Standards.

Legal documentation in respect of the Welsh Language Standards can be found on the right, namely the Welsh Language Standards Regulations and Swansea University's Welsh Language Standards Compliance Notice.

Further information in respect of submitting a complaint, comments or praise can be found on this page.

Further information regarding monitoring compliance with the Welsh Language Standards can be found here.

Further information and guidance for staff in respect of the Welsh Language Standards can be found here.

You may contact Swansea University's Welsh Language Policy Officers by emailing welshlanguageoffice@swansea.ac.uk or by phoning 01792 606743.


Other Key Staff

The Translation Unit

This team of four (three full time roles) provides for all the University’s translation needs – both in written and spoken form (meetings etc). More information here.

Professor Iwan Davies is the Pro Vice Chancellor responsible for Welsh at the University. He is a member of the senior management team, and Chair of the Welsh Language Strategy Committee and the Welsh Services Group.

Academi Hywel Teifi

This centre is the home of Welsh language and literature, and takes the lead in promoting and developing Welsh-medium education across all the University’s subjects. The Academi’s Director is Dr Gwenno Ffrancon. The Welsh department is also part of the Academi, under the leadership of Professor Tudur Hallam, as is Welsh for Adults South West Wales, under the direction of Aled Davies. The Academi is also home to the Swansea branch of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

The University's Committee

The Welsh Language Strategy Committee

The Welsh Language Strategy Committee is the principle committee that oversees the developments of Welsh-medium learning and use of Welsh at the University. This includes representation from the University’s academic staff and it meets once a term, Chaired by Professor Iwan Davies, the Pro Vice Chancellor responsible for Welsh. The Committee reports directly to the University’s Senate.

The Welsh Language Services Group

The Welsh Language Services Group oversees the implementation of the Welsh Language Scheme and considers how to develop and promote Welsh at the University. Meetings (5 or 6 a year) are chaired by Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Iwan Davies. Each meeting is conducted bilingually. If you’re interested in contributing to the group’s operations or becoming a member, contact the Welsh Language Office.