Welsh Support for Students

Studying in Welsh

Today, there are more opportunities than ever to study through the medium of Welsh.  You can follow a wide range of courses, fully or partly through the Welsh language.

As well as this, you are welcome to submit coursework or sit exams in Welsh, whatever the subject - even if you're not following a Welsh-medium course or module.  The only exception is work that is based upon your knowledge of another language.  You can do this by submitting this form to your College:


It must be submitted within four weeks of registering on the relevant module(s) - or on registering for the module if it runs for less than four weeks.  More detailed information is available in the Academic Guidance.

Welsh Resources

Correcting your Welsh

A free Welsh grammar spell check, which works within Word documents, is available on all the University’s computers.

Cysill corrects typing, grammatical and mutation errors in Welsh documents. Cysgair is an online Welsh-English and English-Welsh dictionary. A Welsh thesaurus is available too.   

The complete package (called Cysgliad) is usually found within Word, under the ‘Add-Ins’ menu at the top of the screen. If you have any problems, contact the ISS team. 

Setting your web browser to Welsh

In order to be able to see some Welsh forms on the intranet you’ll need to set your browser’s language to Welsh in Windows Explorer. To do this, open Explorer, click on ‘Tools’ on the top left corner and choose ‘Internet Options’ on the menu (this is the option at the bottom of the list). Then choose ‘languages’ and then ‘add’.  'Cymraeg/Welsh' isn’t in this list, but you can type Welsh [cy-GB] into the box to add this language.

More information about changing the language on your iPad or mobile phone to Welsh is available here, including practical videos.

Living and socialising through the medium of Welsh

In our Life section you will find details about finding accommodation for Welsh-speaking students, as well as social events that are happening in Welsh.