Professional Services Values

Our Professional Services Values

Our Professional Services Values

These values have been developed by the Professional Services community at Swansea University, who have agreed:

All Professional Services areas at Swansea University operate to a defined set of Core Values and it is an expectation that everyone is able to demonstrate a commitment to these values from the point of application through to the day to day delivery of their roles.

Our Values are:

We are Professional
We take pride in applying our knowledge, skills, creativity, integrity and judgement to deliver innovative, effective, efficient services and solutions of excellent quality

We Work Together        
We take pride in working in a proactive, collaborative environment of equality, trust, respect, co-operation and challenge to deliver services that strive to exceed the needs and expectations of customers.

We Care
We take responsibility for listening, understanding and responding flexibly to our students, colleagues, external partners and the public so that every contact they have with us is a personalised and positive experience.


Commitment to our values at Swansea University supports us in promoting equality and valuing diversity to utilise all the talent that we have

Values Expectations

To help staff to understand what the values mean to them in the carrying out of their day to day roles, a set of values expectations have been created. These values expectations give examples of the types of behaviour which would or would not be associated with the values. The values expectations for all professional services staff can be found here:  Values expectations for professional services staff

In 2015, all staff with values in their job descriptions will receive values feedback as part of their PDR or probation meetings, which will be based on the values expectations. For more information about this please see our Values Feedback Managers Guide.

In addition, as part of the Swansea University Leadership Model, a set of values expectations have been created specifically for leaders. The values expectations for leaders can be found here: Values Expectations for leaders .  

In 2015, all senior leaders have been invited to participate in a 360 feedback exercise, which is based on the values expectations for leaders. This feedback will be incorporated into PDR. For more information about this please see our information on 360 feedback.