Accepting your offer

Choosing your firm- and insurance-choice places

Once you have heard from all of the universities you have applied for, UCAS will ask you to narrow down your original choices to your two final choices – a 'Firm' choice and an 'Insurance' choice.

If you receive two or more offers, you should consider holding an Insurance offer which has grade requirements lower than your Firm choice. If you fail to meet the conditions of your Firm choice, but you have accepted a suitable Insurance offer, you will still have a guaranteed place at university.

You are not obliged to make an Insurance choice but it is sensible to have a back-up.

Your Firm choice should be the university that you consider is best for you, not necessarily the one with the highest offer. Your Insurance University should also be a place where you would be happy to live and study.

Remember, the decisions that you make at this point are binding, so consider your options carefully. It is not possible to turn down your Firm choice in favour of your Insurance choice at results time if you meet the terms of your Firm choice.

We recommend:

  • If you haven't already done so come and visit us, either on an organised visit day or informally. Talk to current students and academic staff if possible, and just generally take in the Swansea atmosphere.
  • Be realistic about what grades you will get; make sure that if you choose an Insurance offer, its requirements are lower than those of your Firm offer.
  • Visit the UCAS website, where you will find information about the application procedure and some helpful hints.
  • Talk to your family, teachers, advisors and friends about your options.
  • Contact us if there is any other information you need which might help your decision making.

You will need to inform UCAS which two courses you are choosing by using your UCAS Track account.  Once you have done this, all your other offers will be rejected on your behalf by UCAS.