Get your results!

‘Confirmation’ refers to the period in August each year when the University receives examination results for applicants taking GCE A levels, or other qualifications, who have accepted conditional offers.

A list of the examination results that we receive directly from UCAS can be found on the UCAS website – please check the list and if the qualification that you are taking is NOT on the list, you will need to send the results to us directly, either via email or in the post . You will need to do this as soon as you know your results so that confirmation of your place is done quickly and there are no delays in allocating your accommodation, enrolment details etc.

Helpful Tips for Results Day…….

Be available

You need to be available when the results are published. You might have to make quick and perhaps difficult decisions about your future so be prepared to speak to universities and colleges yourself and not leave this to somebody else.

Check your email

We will email you on the morning of A Level Results Day (Thursday 16th August) to let you know whether you have achieved your place, or if your application is still under consideration. Also, we’ll let you know if we are still awaiting qualification results from you or if you have other outstanding conditions of your offer to meet such as an outstanding reference or clearance from the Disability Office. We will have already written to you about this so it is in your best interest to get any outstanding information to us to avoid delays in allocating your place and accommodation.

Check the status of your Application

You can check the status of your application on the morning of Thursday 16th August using the UCAS Track service ( 

We will also email you just before results day with details of how you can log on to our Confirmation system to check the status of your application – this will also provide details of any action you need to take.

If you meet the terms of your conditional offer

If you are holding a Conditional Firm offer from us and you meet the requirements, you will gain automatic acceptance onto your programme (your status will change to Unconditional firm).  Please do not call the University unless you have first looked at the status of your offer online. Information welcoming you to the University will be sent to you during the following weeks and will be available online at

If you don’t meet the terms of your offer

If you did not get the grades we asked you to get in your examinations, we will reconsider our offer in the light of your actual performance and the performance of others seeking entry to the same programme; and in some cases we may still be able to accept you or offer you a place on an alternative programme.  We will email you on Thursday 17th August to let you know if you fall in to this category.  We will aim to make a decision on borderline cases by Friday 18th August.

If you receive a ‘Changed Course Offer’

This means that we have been unable to confirm your place on your original course because you did not meet the original conditions, but that we are willing to make you an offer for a different course. You can choose whether to accept or decline the offer. You must reply on UCAS Track - if you're holding an insurance choice, you can reply once a decision has been received for both.  You only have five days to reply to a changed course offer but should do so as soon as possible, as any delays may affect your allocation of accommodation.

If you would like to visit us after Results Day

We will be “open” for visits after you receive your results, from Friday 17th August to Wednesday 22nd August (11.00am to 4.00pm). During these times you can visit your department of interest, see our accommodation, tour the campus and visit the superb sports facilities. There will be students on hand to guide you round and provide an insight into the award winning Swansea University student life.


If you are not accepted by your Firm or Insurance choice University you will be automatically eligible for Clearing. You should visit the UCAS website for the latest advice on which Universities have places available through Clearing.

If you exceed the terms of your offer- ‘Adjustment’

Each year some applicants pass their exams with better results than expected; this may mean that some will have not only met the conditions of their firm choice, but will have exceeded them. The Adjustment period is for these applicants - it provides an opportunity for them to reconsider where and what to study. Check out the UCAS website or our Clearing and Adjustment website for more information on this. Adjustment is entirely optional, and not everyone will want to try to find an alternative place. Nothing really beats the careful research you did to find the right course and University during your application journey.

When you will hear about Accommodation

Residential Services will not confirm your accommodation allocation until your place has been made unconditional. For most students you should expect to receive an offer of University accommodation after Friday 18]7th August 2017 via email.

Eligibility for Excellence and Merit Scholarships

If you gain AAA or AAB at A-level or equivalent, you will automatically be awarded a Scholarship after you enrol and we will write to you following the publication of the A level results to confirm if you are lucky enough to receive this.  Not all courses are eligible, for more information see:

Reasons to email us at * :

1.If you change your mind

Your acceptance is a serious contractual agreement, and you cannot simply decline the place at this stage. You will need to email us to discuss your options; your request will be referred to an Admissions Tutor and they might call you to discuss your reasons for wanting to be released. Think about why you've changed your mind about your original offer before making any decisions, because if we agree to withdraw your offer, the place will then be offered to someone else.

2. If you want to change course

Once you receive your results you might decide that you want to do a different course with us. If this happens please email us your request along with a brief outline of why you have changed your mind. We will then forward your request to the Admissions Selector for the alternative course for a decision.

3. If you decide to defer your studies until 2019

We can defer your place for you, this is no problem.  Just send an email confirming you would like to do so and we will arrange this for you via UCAS.