Accepting an offer - FAQs

Below are some of the queries we often get from applicants who accept an offer from us:


I have received my offer of a place and have been asked to send verification of my results to the institution. What does that mean?

If this has been included in your offer, we need you to send us photocopies of your examination certificates before the start of term.  We will usually need copies of your highest qualifications, e.g. A-levels, AS levels, Access course results etc.  We do not normally need copies of your GCSE-level exam certificates.  Please send the copies to the Admissions Office. 


I have applied for Medicine or a Health-related degree and my offer mentions that police and health checks will be required. What do I need to do?

All applicants for Medicine and most Health-related degrees (such as Nursing, Midwifery and Audiology) must fulfill GMC and NMC professional requirements for the courses before they can be admitted.  Once you have accepted our offer as your first/firm choice the Admissions Office (for the Graduate Entry Medical degree) or the School of Health Science (for health schemes) will write to you asking you to complete Criminal Records Bureau and Health Assessment Forms.


I have now decided I would like to take a year out. Can I request deferred entry?

We are happy to consider requests for deferred entry for the majority of our courses.  The only exceptions are the MBBCH in Medicine, the BMid in Midwifery and the BN in Child Nursing.  This is because of the intense competition in these areas for a very small number of places. 

For all other courses you are welcome to request deferred entry, but we would ask that you contact us as soon as you decide to take a year out, so that we can offer your place to another candidate.


How do I apply for University accommodation?

Please see the Residential Services web pages for further information on how to apply, the types of accommodation available and for details on the allocation policy.


I decided to drop one of my A-level or AS-level subjects. Do I need to inform the University?

If you have changed your examination subjects from the ones you listed on your application form, please contact the Admissions Office to let us know.  If you don’t let us know, your application will be delayed in the summer when your examination results are released while we try to find out the result of the missing examination.  This could jeopardise your choice of accommodation.


I was unwell before or during my examinations. Will this be taken into account?

You should ask your school or college to write to the Admissions Office to let us know about any issue (ill health or teaching-related) that might affect your studies or examinations.  This information will be attached to your application and taken into consideration, should you not meet the terms of your offer once the examination results are published.


My address or other personal details have changed since I applied

You should let us know as soon as possible if any of your personal details change. This will enable us to update our records and ensure that you receive all the information we send to new students. If you have applied through UCAS, please also inform UCAS customer services so that they can update your record.


How do I apply for financial help?

You should contact your Local education authority for advice on financial help towards tuition fees and living costs.  There is no need to wait until you know your examination results.



Adjustment is a process which offers applicants who have passed their examinations with better results than expected the opportunity to reconsider what and where to study.

To be eligible for Adjustment you must have met and exceeded the conditions of your Firm choice offer.

If you want to use Adjustment you will first need to ‘Register for Adjustment’ in UCAS Track. You will have a maximum of five days to register and secure an alternative course.

You should visit the UCAS website for full details of the Adjustment process and detailed advice on eligibility.